Offer your guests alfresco dining year round.

The WildKitchen is more than just a dining experience; it offers a chance for guests to connect with nature and the warmth of a central fire. This unique offering makes it an excellent addition to any hospitality venue looking to elevate their F&B offering and provide guests with a memorable experience.

Today’s consumers are increasingly looking for experiences that connect them to nature and allow them to escape the modern world. The WildKitchen meets this demand by providing a completely controllable indoor/outdoor dining environment, allowing guests to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The WildKitchen concept has been carefully refined and developed over the course of seven years at the Ashcombe Estate, with valuable feedback from guests and chefs. Its modular design means it can be customized to meet the needs of different venues and markets, allowing you to increase the number of covers and operating period.

With its flexible design, the WildKitchen can accommodate up to 20 guests, making it perfect for unique small gatherings and intimate events. The chef’s table and guest tables can be configured to suit your needs, ensuring that every guest has a comfortable and memorable dining experience.

Cooking with Fire

Central to the WildKitchen is the WildTable 12, with two connected fireboxes that generate maximum heat and light, so you can entertain family and friends well into the night. Our dual fireboxes also produce impressive embers. Use one of the boxes to prepare the embers, which means you never have to stop cooking because you’ve run out of fuel.

The WildTable provides a number of ways to cook over embers, it is now possible to steam, bake, grill, fry, smoke, slow roast, and even boil, all on one artisanal unit.

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The Eight Essentials

How the Commercial WildKitchen creates value

1 Increased F&B space/number of covers.
2 A unique dining experience.
3 Make your chef central to the occasion.
4 A range cooking methods- fry, bake, steam, grill, slow roast, boil.
5 Keep guests dining for longer.
6 Completely controlled indoor/outdoor environment.
7 365 days availability, your guests keep warm regardless of exterior temperature.
8 Smoke Free Environment.

A completely controlled environment, regardless of capricious weather.

What's included with the WildKitchen

The WildTent

The WildTent is the worlds first fully retractable canvas and hardwood tent that allows you to practically utilise an outdoor space all year round, enabling a flexible and authentic al fresco experience, regardless of capricious weather.

The WildTable

The WildTable 12 has two fireboxes allowing you to fry, boil or steam at the same time as grilling.

Hardwood Benches

Our hardwood teak benches will generously seat two and is oil-treated for outdoor use. The benches are curved and slightly reclined for maximum comfort. Its high-backed design and windproof wollen throw shelters you from the elements.

Borneo Recliner Chairs

Lean back and relax in a hardwood borneo recliner with soft cushions.

Fully Loaded WildHalo 12

The Wild Halo puts everything within arms reach, complete with knives, cooking tools, plates, utensils, kitchen rolls.

Charcoal Store

We designed our charcoal stores to make refuelling your WildTable easy. Add up to 10 kilograms of charcoal into the top of the store, which then easily dispenses it through the front drawer.

Log Store

Keep logs and charcoal close to hand with our hardwood FCS utile timber fuel stores. Finished with brass detailing on the corners and a canvas back to keep rain out. Holds four WildKitchen charcoal bags on the top level, and plenty of logs below.

Teppanyaki Cooking Plate

The cast iron enamelled cooking plate transforms the Wildtable into a cooking plate, allowing you to steam, fry and boil.

WildKitchen Knife Set

The WildKitchen Knife set fits in the WildHalo knife rack, and includes a cleaver, butchers and skinning knife.

Double Handed Plates

These Ash and Walnut plates are ideal for sharing around the Wildtable.

Double Handed Chopping Board

Our thermo-wood ash chopping board is locally handcrafted, the double handle makes it perfect for passing food around.

Set of Glass Cloches'

The glass cloche allows you to steam or even make popcorn on your WildTable's cooking plate.

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