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Fire has given us heat, light, tools, protection and innovation. It has changed our diet, shaped our culture, and allowed us to step into the night.

We have huddled around and cooked on fire for nearly a million years. Our DNA has been shaped by it. Fire has given us more than the wheel, and no less than the sun that it comes from. We are hard wired into it's fundamental incandescent generosity.

Our two unique designs, the WildKitchen and the WildTable, provide an environment for people to reignite this lost connection with a central fire.

The WildKitchen

Cooking with fire.

The WildTable 12 is a unique and versatile outdoor cooking unit. With two connected fireboxes that generate maximum heat and light, the dual fireboxes produce impressive embers that allow you to turn lunch into dinner. You no longer have to worry about running out of fuel in the middle of cooking, as one box can be used to prepare the embers while the other is used for cooking.

The WildTable 12 offers a variety of cooking methods, including steaming, baking, grilling, frying, smoking, slow roasting, and even boiling, all on one artisanal unit. This versatility allows you to cook a wide range of dishes, from delicate steamed fish to slow-roasted meats.

We plant more than you burn

We produce our own lumpwood charcoal which is made from 100% local, sustainable-coppiced or naturally-fallen trees.

We are dedicated to the sustainable process of managing woodland whilst producing clean burning fuel.

For every WildKitchen we sell, we plant 20 native trees.

Our range of WildTables- seating from four to twelve.



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