WildTable 6

WildKitchens presents a brand-new way to cook, gather and eat. With a revolutionary WildTable designed for outdoor cooking accompanied by the comfort of a natural heater, it’s the all weather, smoke free, no mess, heart of any outdoor gathering.

So you can kiss goodbye to the days where the entrusted chef is relegated to the corner of the garden. We believe outdoor cooking and entertaining should be an inclusive, social and interactive experience.

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About the WildTable 6

A Unique Design

Forget about smoke and sparks ruining your experience. The innovative chimney draws them both away, even when the glass lid is opened. It’s in-built dampener allows you to control the heat directly giving you precise control when cooking.
The WildTable comes with a hard wearing, hand-finished antibacterial copper. Beautiful whether you leave it to get naturally patinated or polish regularly for that unique shine.
The central fire puts cooking at the heart of your event, with no one relegated to the corner. Covered by a glass lid, so everyone can watch the food cook .
The style of cooking lends itself to sharing plates or chopping blocks.
Everything is in reach thanks to the halo rack surrounding the chimney. It makes your utensils easy to clean too, just put a kettle on the fire and let the steam get to work.

What's included with the WildTable 6?

Teppanyaki Cooking Plate

The cast iron enamelled cooking plate transforms the WildTable into a cooking plate, allowing you to steam, fry and boil.

Fire Retardant Gloves

WildKitchen Leather Fire Retardant Gloves for operating the WildTable. Make sure to wear the safety gloves at all times when operating the WildTable.

Cooking Tools

Five piece teppanyaki style cooking tool set for use with the cast iron cooking plate and WildTable grill.


The custom WildTable thermometer is designed to slot into the WildTable firebox so you can get an accurate reading of the internal heat.

WildKitchen Long Saftey Matches

Extra-long safety matches designed to reach into the WildTable firebox from a safe distance.

WildKitchen Lumpwood Charcoal

Our lumpwood charcoal is 100% local sustainable wood from coppiced or naturally-fallen trees, providing a clean burn and a great taste.

WildTable Protective Cover

A waxed cotton cover designed to protect your 6-seater WildTable from the rain.

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All that’s left is to bring your family and friends together, light the fire and decide what you’re going to cook first.