What is a WildKitchen?

It’s an indoor/outdoor completely controlled environment, elegantly fusing two unique creations, the WildTent and the WildTable.

The WildTent is the worlds first fully retractable canvas and hardwood tent that allows you to practically utilise an outdoor space all year round, enabling a flexible and authentic al fresco experience, regardless of capricious weather.

The WildTable is the only outdoor kitchen that delivers the complete Eight Essentials in one artisanal unit, with no smoke or fuss, all within arms reach, or you can simply enjoy your WildTable as a smoke-free controllable fire pit.

The Eight Essentials

A complete outdoor kitchen.

1 BBQ Grill
2 Charcoal and Wood Fired Oven
3 Dining Table
4 Teppanyaki Cooking Plate
5 Countertop / Prep Station
6 Utility Rack
7 Natural Heat Source
8 Smoke Free Fire Pit

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The WildTable

The WildKitchen is built around the WildTable 12 and its powerful, double firebox. It evenly spreads heat and light, while drawing smoke up and away through the chimney. It’s versatile for cooking, and will keep you warm.

The WildTable Range from Four to Twelve

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Fusing Two Unique Designs, the WildTent and the WildTable.

Central to the WildKitchen is the WildTable 12, with its dual fireboxes, you can be grilling and frying at the same time, whilst keeping warm.
Everything is in reach thanks to the halo rack surrounding the chimney.
The WildTent is completely retractable, you can unfurl the canvas sides and roof when the weather turns.
Our range of hardwood benches, woollen windproof throws and recliner chairs make you never want to leave the warmth of the WildTable.
Our Charcoal and Log stores keep everything dry and within reach ready to load into the WildTable.

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What's included with the WildKitchen

The WildTable

The WildTable 12 has two fireboxes allowing you to fry, boil or steam at the same time as grilling.


Our hardwood teak benches will generously seat two and is oil-treated for outdoor use. Curved and slightly reclined for maximum comfort. Its high-backed design shelters you from the elements, especially when paired with one of our windproof woollen throws.

Recliner Chairs

Lean back and relax in a hardwood borneo recliner with soft cushions.

Teppanyaki Cooking Plate

The cast iron enambled cooking plate transforms the Wildtable into a cooking plate, allowing you to steam, fry and boil.

Cooking Tools

The five piece cooking tools are designed for each style of cooking on the Wildtable, included are tongs, three styles of spatulas and chopping handle.

Double Handed Plates

These Ash and Walnut plates are ideal for sharing around the Wildtable.

Windproof Woollen Throw

The soft woven woollen throws are designed to attach to the hardwood benches.

Wild Halo 12

The Wild Halo puts everything within arms reach, from plates, utensils, kitchen rolls and knives.

Charcoal Store

We designed our charcoal stores to make refuelling your WildTable easy. Add up to 10 kilograms of charcoal into the top of the store, which then easily dispenses it through the front drawer.

Log Store

Keep logs and charcoal close to hand with our hardwood FCS utile timber fuel stores. Finished with brass detailing on the corners and a canvas back to keep rain out. Holds four WildKitchen charcoal bags on the top level, and plenty of logs below.

All that’s left is to bring your family and friends together, light the fire and decide what you’re going to cook first.

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