Aspirational Caveman 12

Our largest WildTable with two fireboxes seats 12, making it ideal for bigger occasions, this is the only table where you have the advantage of the unique ember maker, which means you never run out of hot coals to cook on. Alternatively you can light just one of the two fireboxes and it functions perfectly for a smaller gathering. This is the only table that gives you complete guest number flexibility.

The Aspirational Caveman edition comes with our complete range of cooking accessories, including the WildHalo keeping all your cooking tools, utensils and glass within arms reach.

You can customise your WildTable, too. Choose from copper or zinc table tops, the colour of your skilt, number of plates and chopping boards.

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Start Building Your WildTable

The WildTable 12 is built around its powerful, double firebox. It evenly spreads heat and light, while drawing smoke up and away through the chimney. It’s versatile for cooking, and will keep you warm.

About the WildTable 12

A Unique Design

Forget about smoke and sparks ruining your experience. The innovative chimney draws them both away, even when the glass lid is opened. It’s in-built dampener allows you to control the heat directly giving you precise control when cooking.
Complete your WildTable with hard wearing, hand-finished antibacterial copper or pure zinc table top. Beautiful whether you leave them to get naturally weathered or polish them regularly.
The central fire puts cooking at the heart of your event, with no one relegated to the corner. Covered by a glass lid, so everyone can watch the food cook.
The style of cooking lends itself to sharing plates or chopping blocks. The Cashmere Caveman features a complete range of locally made utensils and dinnerware, including dual-handled plates. Perfect for sharing.
Everything is in reach thanks to the halo rack surrounding the chimney. It makes your utensils easy to clean too, just put a kettle on the fire and let the steam get to work.

What's included with the Aspirational Caveman 12?

Teppanyaki Cooking Plate

The cast iron enamelled cooking plate transforms the WildTable into a cooking plate, allowing you to steam, fry and boil.

Cooking Tools

The five piece cooking tools are designed for each style of cooking on the WildTable, included are tongs, three styles of spatulas and chopping handle.

Double Handed Plates

These Ash and Walnut plates are ideal for sharing around the WildTable.

WildHalo 12

The WildHalo puts everything within arms reach, from plates, utensils, kitchen rolls and knives.

All that’s left is to bring your family and friends together, light the fire and decide what you’re going to cook first.

Start Building Your WildTable